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William Bradford – Inspiring Animated Heroes

William Bradford - Inspiring Animated Heroes

A desire for religious freedom forces Bradford to flee with the Pilgrims. His belief and conviction bring peace and the first Thanksgiving. A lesson in the value of belief. In 1620, John Carver, William Bradford, Captain Standish and 99 pilgrims set sail on the Mayflower toward America in search of religious freedom. As disease and storms hit, they are almost forced to return. William Bradford convinces Captain Standish to press on. The land they choose to build on becomes known as ‘Plymouth.’ Immediately, winter sets in and the pilgrims face the harsh effects of weather, hunger and disease. By spring, half of the pilgrims have died. Soon a lone Indian appears on the horizon. Against Captain Standish’s wishes, John Carver and William Bradford befriend Samoset. Samoset sends the English-speaking Squanto and Chief Massasoit to the pilgrims, who make a peace pact. Squanto and Samoset live with the pilgrims and teach them how to live off the land. After the first successful crop, Bradford proposes a ‘feast of thanksgiving.’ Thus, William Bradford’s belief leads him to become the father of Thanksgiving day. Get your copy today!

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